About Us

Ummah Shops is a website that showcases products and services by Muslim owned businesses in the US. It is a sister-site to WorkHalal.com and MuslimHomeEducators.com. Like its sister-sites, Ummah Shops is designed to be a one-stop shop (without the financial transactions) for customers wanting to find goods and services offered by Muslims, inshaAllah. We are striving to promote products and services by Muslim owned businesses earning a halal rizq.

InshaAllah, some products you may find in Ummah Shops are: hijab, scarves, abayas, dresses, soaps, black seed products, herbal teas, moringa tea, soaps, candles, beard oil, essential oil, beauty creams, Arabic calligraphy decor, crochet blankets, memory card games, children’s placemats, educational flash cards, sous vide, children’s islamic books, wipe clean Arabic book, seo service package, and travel services, etc.

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Ummah Shops does not allow or partake in financial transactions. If you are interested in a product or service, please contact the vendor using the enquiry form under each product/service listing. Please see our FAQ page for more information, or contact us if you have any questions.