Vendor Agreement

Updated: 10/08/2019

Please read the Ummah Shops Vendor Agreement below.



All vendors should complete their profile after account approval. This information will appear below each of your posts, and on the vendor page. 



Each product or service listing will have to be in its own post, i.e. two listings cannot be combined in one post.

Title: Every listing is required to have a title. It should be concise as it will determine the url/link for your listing.

Main/Featured Image:  Every post is required to have a featured/main image. For main/featured image, a white background is preferred but not required.

Images:  Additional images, other than the featured image, can be added in the listing. These additional images are not required, nor do they have to have a white background; however a white background is preferred.

Categories:  You can only post under the relevant category for your listing. In order for your listing to be successful, please select information in each of the following categories:

Retail – Select your retail business. Please contact us if your retail type is not listed.

Service – Select a service type for your business. Please contact us if your service type is not listed.

Location – Select a US state, and a major city if available.

Tags:  You may only assign tags relevant to your product or business. You may assign a maximum of 7 tags per listing.


Giveaway agreement

In order to participate in the contest, within a stated amount of time participants will be asked to:

  • – Like Ummah Shops and participating vendor’s social media page.
  • – Comment by tagging a couple of friends on the post detailing the vendor’s giveaway.

The participating vendor agrees to ship the product(s) to the winner(s) within 48 hours of winner announcement.


Additional policy agreement

  • You will post your own brand of products.
  • You will own the intellectual copyrights of the products/services you post.
  • You cannot provide false information regarding your business, products or services.
  • You will only post listing of products and services legally allowed to sell in the United States.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older, or have your parent/guardian’s permission to post your products/services.
  • You may not post music, videos with music, unislamic, or inappropriate content or images on this site.
  • You cannot post negative comments about competing or other products or services.
  • You will have the best customer service when you reply to our readers, especially in the comments section of your post.
  • Your logo and product images may be used by Ummah Shops for marketing purpose.
  • You may be added to a newsletter and/or vendors’ WhatsApp group or receive occasional WhatsApp messages from the administrator.
  • We, the administrators, reserve the right to change any listing to conform to the look and functionality of the website.
  • You, the vendor, agree to hold harmless Ummah Shops and its admin or volunteers from liability and claim for any damages (personal or business), loss of business, property damage, or any expense arising from the use of this website,

All vendors have to agree to and abide by the vendor agreement below. If we notice a violation of any of the terms of this agreement, your vendor status may be revoked. Upon the discretion of the Ummah Shops management team, you may be given a maximum of a couple of warnings before account removal. This agreement may change without prior notice. Please check this agreement from time to time to make sure you are in compliance to any new changes.

You may report vendor agreement violations to info @